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PATRIZIO BELCAMPO (b. 1979, Ravenna) Painter and Printmaker

Artist’s Statement

My work is always a dialogue with the manmade. 
Be it a text, an image or an artistic tradition, it is about re-visiting, re-interpreting and re-presenting some of the places, figures and ideas found in human culture. 
These I believe can be made to resonate again and again by means of a free, intimate re-creation, one that is not constrained by concerns of universality and philological exactitude.
As I plunder my cultural heritage, I favour a lively inaccuracy of approach as a way of generating new traditions by distortion and proposing symbols whose meaning is hybrid, open, non-prescriptive.


I was born in Ravenna, in North-Eastern Italy, in 1979.
I studied English Literature at the University of Bologna.
In 2003 I moved to Edinburgh, where I became a member of Edinburgh Printmakers in 2005 and a Drawing and Painting student at Edinburgh College of Art in 2007.


Feb-Mar 2010 - Patrizio Belcampo - Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh
Nov-Dec 2009 - 183rd Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition
(Winner of Keith Prize for best work by a student) - RSA, Edinburgh
Nov-Dec 2009 - Winter Exhibition - Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh
Oct 2009 – Art Walk – The Grassmarket, Edinburgh
Sept-Oct 2009 – Inkubator II – DLI Museum and Art Gallery, Durham
Aug-Sept 2009 – Printworks – Amber Arts, Edinburgh
June 2009 – Print Factory – Owl and Lion, Edinburgh
June 2009 – Out of the Blue – Mainhill Gallery at Harestanes, Ancrum, Jedburgh
May 2009 – New Works by Patrizio Belcampo – Amber Arts, Edinburgh
Mar-Apr 2009 – Silhouettes – ECA, Edinburgh
Mar 2009 – Affordable Art Fair – (Mainhill Gallery) Battersea Park, London
Feb 2009 – ECA Does Titian – ECA, Edinburgh
Nov-Dec 2008 – Winter Show – Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh
May 2007 – Zoo – Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh
May 2006 - Paintings by Patrizio Belcampo – Creelers, Edinburgh
Feb 2005 - New Talent Show – Phoenix 369 Gallery, Edinburgh
Dec 2004 – The Winter Scene -  Phoenix 369 Gallery, Edinburgh